Crafting Self-hosted

For the enterprise users, Crafting supports Managed Self-hosting , which combines the best flexibility and customizability of self-hosting with minimal management overhead. In a nutshell, you will host a full-fledged version of Crafting platform on your cloud, tailored to your use case, and we will manage the deployed Crafting platform remotely, handling all troubleshooting and upgrading needs.


With Self-hosted Crafting, the Crafting control plane and all the sandboxes will be hosted in a dedicated Kubernetes cluster under your cloud account. You have full control over all the system, and all the data will never leave your cloud.

You can customize the machine type for the pool of VMs, and set policy regarding how the dev containers are used. Crafting platform manages the machine pool with configurable auto-scaling, facilitates sharing, balancing the load, and suspends inactive dev environments. As a result, the resource utilization is maximized and cloud bill is dramatically reduced.

Your Self-hosted Crafting is set up in your VPC, where you can make it only accessible from your private corporate network. Hosting in your VPC also made it easier for your dev environments to access your shared cloud resources in a secure way, improving overall security.

Setup & Maintenance

To request a self-hosting setup, please contact us, and let us know your use case, and we will work with you to set it up. The expected time to setup Crafting is within 48 hours if everything is provisioned properly.

For on-going maintenance, our automated system will handle the upgrading as needed, and we will work with you to support and troubleshoot for any specific issues.