Integrate resources

This page talks about how to integrate external resources including per-dev namespaces in Kubernetes cluster and cloud native resources from cloud provider, such as RDS, Lambda.

A resource in Crafting represents external components that can work alongside with the components in the sandbox. It's virtually present in the sandbox and its lifecycle is managed together with the sandbox, but the actual resources themselves are running elsewhere opaque to the sandbox.

As described in Sandbox Definition, we can define scripts to run at the time when the sandbox is created, suspended, resumed, or deleted, dynamically provision the resources needed and release them after use. The resources created dynamically can pass their handles and/or detailed information to the workspaces running in sandbox via states, so that the services in the workspaces know how to access them. Please see Resources for details on how to use resources.

To add a resource, from the editing view of a Standalone sandbox, click Add Component as shown below and choose resources.

The resource model in Crafting provides great flexibilities for integrating any resource a developer needs in their dev environments, allowing each engineering team customize the dev environments to fit perfectly for their workflow.

Terraform to manage cloud resources

Terraform is a great tool to provision resources on cloud. Crafting allows you to directly use terraform for provisioning resources in dev environments just like you do in production. Please see Terraform Support for details.

Kubernetes namespaces as resource

Crafting provides special support for Kubernetes based development and per-developer namespaces are managed via the resource model. Please see Setup for Kubernetes for more details on Kubernetes specific setup.