Quickstart Guide

In this section, we show how you can get started with Crafting and explore its use cases.

Install Crafting Express to Your System

The quickest way to try out Crafting is to install the Express version of it to your system. You will need a Kubernetes cluster, which can be your existing Kubernetes cluster or newly allocated from your cloud service provider. It's ideal for a quick trial with on your own system with a small number of users. Please see this page for details.

Create an Account on Crafting SaaS Platform

If you want to try the Crafting platform completely hosted by us, without requiring any setup on your system, you can request a trial account on our Crafting SaaS platform. You can try Crafting there with any open-source project or your own source code. It is scalable and can be converted into full accounts for long term use. Please see this page for details.

Use Managed Self-hosting to Host Crafting in Your Cloud

If you want to host Crafting platform on your cloud for scalable long term use, and don't want to spend time setting it up. You can contact us for managed self-hosting and we can set up Crafting platform on your cloud and manage it for you. Please see this page for details.

List of Use Cases

Crafting Sandbox is a comprehensive tool that supports many use cases. Following table lists the most common use cases, please take a look at the corresponding section for the specific scenario and guide.

Use CaseDescription
Code Change (PR) PreviewHave a sandbox for each code change or Pull Request, allow whole team to preview the change before hitting production
Kubernetes Development and TestingCode and test with on-demand k8s namespaces in your k8s cluster, see your changes live instantly in k8s with traffic interception
Maintainable Dev EnvironmentsOnboard new engineers quickly with replicable dev environments, keep everyone's dev env up-to-date without risk of breaking them
Overcome Local Machine SlownessLeverage unlimited computing powers on cloud with maximum savings by sharing and auto-suspension for dev environments
Scale beyond Docker ComposeScale your multi-service dev environments beyond docker compose and leverage unlimited containers on cloud
Team Collaboration, Local or RemoteCollaborate with your teammates from anywhere with dev environments that are shared and accessible online