Crafting SaaS

Crafting SaaS platform is a fully managed version of Crafting system. It does not require any system setup on your side and provide comprehensive functionalities for a scalable cloud-based dev environments solution.


With Crafting SaaS, all components (workspace, containers, dependencies, endpoints, etc.) in your sandbox is hosted on Crafting's cloud, and completely management-free for you. You can create your dev environments on-demand, checkout code to the cloud workspaces we host, and use the cloud workspace to code, test, and run your services.

Crafting SaaS uses shared pools of VMs, flexible and scalable based on demands. The sandboxes will be auto-suspended after 30 minutes of inactivity. For enterprise users, we support dedicated machine pools with custom configurations to fit the specific needs.

Trial account

To request a trial account on Crafting SaaS, please contact us, and let us know your use case. Once we have created a trial account for you, you can login at Google SSO or GitHub SSO.

Connect to your cloud

Workspaces in Crafting SaaS can access Internet and can connect into your corporate network via VPN connection just like your local machine. If your development environments need to access your resources in your cloud, such as serverless components, etc. A secure authenticated connection can be made. See here for more information. It also supports Crafting for Kubernetes so that you can connect your Kubernetes cluster to use together with the sandbox.


Security is our highest priority. Crafting have a high standard in all security related aspects, such as authentication, secure communication, data encryption and backup, access logging, etc. We have employed automated vulnerability scanning and conduct penetration testing regularly.

Crafting passed SOC2 Type II audit. Our SOC2 report is available upon request.

For more information on security, please see here