Organizational settings

Crafting provides additional settings on the organization level to offer more convenience and flexibility to development teams. In this page, we go over some of the settings.

The corresponding settings can be found at Team -> Settings for org administrators to adjust.

  • "Default sandbox sharing mode": Whether newly created sandboxes are put in default (shared) mode or private mode. See Access control in sandbox for more information regarding private mode sandbox.
  • "Domain signin mode": Whether auto-signing in anyone from the authorized domain as an active user or as a disabled user first, requiring an admin to activate the user. See Account Setup for more information regarding domain signin.
  • "Default favorite templates": Select a list of templates to as "favorite templates" to displayed more prominently in the system, easier for developers to create sandboxes from.
  • "Max number of pinned sandbox" and "Max duration of pinned sandbox": Limit how many sandboxes can be pinned and how long the system automatically unpin the sandbox, for controlling resource utilization. See Suspend and resume for more information regarding pinned sandbox.
  • "Retention of suspended sandboxes": Settings to let Crafting platform delete sandboxes that are left over in the suspended state for a long time without being touched.
  • "Default base image": Set a container image will be used by all workspaces without a specific base image setting or base snapshot. See Setup workspaces for more information on base snapshot or image.